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Noun | Nu - tri- tion

The act or process of nourishing

The science or study that deals with food and nourishment

The pursuit of this science as an occupation or profession


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Jennifer Lentzke is a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian and professional long course triathlete. Jennifer has been practicing as a dietitian for 8 years after having completed her Bachelors of Science in Nutrition Sciences at Baylor University and Masters of Science in Dietetics with a minor in Anatomy and Physiology at the University of Florida.

Jennifer has experience in the field of nutrition ranging from sports nutrition to eating disorders to wellness and beyond. She is passionate about mental health, addiction recovery and nutritional counseling to establish wellness of mind, body and spirit. Jennifer's wide range of expertise stems from her work in private practice as an eating disorder, mental health and sports dietitian, as the former Director of Nutrition at Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders and as a clinical dietitian specializing in intensive care nutrition modalities.

Jennifer's enthusiasm for nutrition, mental health, sport, wellness and God have allowed her to pursue nutrition at the highest levels. Additionally, she has contributed to multiple print and web-based articles on wellness, sports and eating disorders. Jennifer's public speaking skills have earned her national recognition in the field of eating disorders, addictions and behavioral health.

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